Innovative Thinking. Professional Service. Beautiful Results.

Devoted to Craftsmanship, Driven by Innovation, Built on Tradition.

Strongly committed to superior craftsmanship and a customer–first philosophy, HM Homes is acknowledged as Birmingham’s premier builder. We pride ourselves on building outstanding customer value through innovative design and superior construction.

The HM Principles

While HM Homes was founded in 2010, our roots run deep within the building industry. Our founders come from a long line of Michigan home builders, and have taken the knowledge that was passed down and made it their own. Our Passion for Perfection is achieved in our extensive Planning.

A Neighborhood Name

HM Homes fuses world-class design with local real estate expertise. Founded in 2010 by Justin Friedman, a third-generation Michigan builder, the HM Homes team prides itself on its ability to deliver timely builds, the result of a close, trustful relationship with local municipalities.

We believe it's our responsibility not only as a community builder but as a resident to preserve the history and integrity of the neighborhood.

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